Mike does fantastic work at fair prices. I've been using his services for over a year now, and I will continue to go with Mike!
Mike does awesome work at fair pricing. I’ve used him 4 times now and will definitely be back! I highly recommend him for any guitar repair needs.
Mike put stainless steel frets on my custom build guitar. Couldn't be happier with finish product.Perfection is what you get and pricing is just right.I agree 100 % with all other reviews.There is no way anyone else is ever going to touch my guitar as long as Mike is around!!! Highly recommend Mike's work. -Bero
Mike refretted my prized 1967 Tele with vintage fretwire and did an excellent job. He is an old school craftsman with a deep knowledge and love of his craft. His pricing is extremely fair considering the hours of work that goes into a refret. Highly recommended.
I’m so happy with the steel frets mike put into my telecaster! The action is great and I love the way they sound. Mike is super chill, flexible, and really accommodating. Talking to him about his collection of guitars he’s built it’s clear he knows guitars inside out. Highly recommended if you need fretwork. - Jake Ditmore
Just a wonderful fret job on my Gibson L5-S, a real craftsman who works with you on every detail. I haven't put the axe down since I got it back!!! Highly recommend Mike's work. - Albert Armen
Mike has done some fret work for me and his work is great. I won't take my guitars anywhere else from now on. I highly recommend Mike for all of your guitar work.
Mike is an absolute man of precision... he has fixed 7 of my guitars pickups ,frets and repairing them this guy is a great find at a more than fair price ...
Mike does re-fret like a heart surgeon. Precision. Absolute the best at his craft. Complete perfection on your fretboard is what you'll get. Worth twice what you pay. - David Dills
Mike does incredible work. He refretted my old Martin slothead with EVO gold and it is a thing of beauty. - Stephen Kim
Mike is man of precision, He did my frets , installed new pickups ,great wiring job and did an awesome job on my. Rated 5 star service... !! - David Hull
Mike is an absolute artist. He worked on my MIM Strat and it is amazing. It feels better than any other $1k+ American Strat I have picked up at a guitar shop. Beyond pleased with his work and attention to detail. Would 100% recommend!! - Carlo Cacciatore
Excellent work at an extremely fair price. Mike is great at communicating any issues with your guitar, then offers the best solution and has lightening fast turnaround times! He brought my Rickenbacker 4003 and Fender Jazz bass to playability I hadn't seen since I bought them. - Mark Sharp
Mike worked on my Carvin CT6m. He leveled the frets and then adjusted the action accordingly. When I picked it up, he left the strings unclipped so he could make any adjustments I asked for. After fixing a very slight 6th string buzz, he clipped the strings, and I was off. The guitar plays better than ever. Mike is honest and I can see that his work is a true labor of love. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. - Dan-Einar Toft